Equity Long-Short

AWC winner of the Hedge News Africa Long/Short Funf of the year 2015

Based on a partnership structure, the funds invest in local and offshore equity with varying exposures based on the team’s best view. Stocks are selected, after thorough fundamental research, where there is a significant mispricing to the underlying intrinsic value. Short positions are entered where stocks show material overpricing to fundamentally established intrinsic values. Net exposures can vary from -50% to 150%. Investors into the fund can range from individuals to large institutions.


Equity Long Only

A combination of segregated and pooled mandates with fully invested SA an offshore equity. Stocks are selected after thorough fundamental research where there is a significant under pricing to the underlying intrinsic value.


Balanced Mandates

The firm has the processes, resources, skills and pedigree to manage balanced mandates in compliance with Regulation 28.