Team Offsite-Mozambique October 2018

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At All Weather Capital we believe that a nurturing working environment where we acknowledge and respect our co-workers and a culture of team work is imperative for sustaining a high performance. The team was granted a fantastic opportunity to partake in an organisational identity and business strategy development session at the Polana Hotel in Maputo, Mozambique. The three days were practical, valuable and also challenging. We feel more confident as a team and have formed better working relationship by understanding each other’s strengths and weaknesses.



“The time away with the Chairman John Oliphant, non-executive Director Fulu Makwetla, the operations team headed by Mark and the entire investment team was an incredible experience. We focussed on developing our organisational identity which involved discussing and agreeing on the values, attitudes and behaviours that will sustain our business into the future. It was also a team building process and we were able to spend three days getting to know and appreciate our colleagues. I came away feeling motivated by what we had developed and inspired by the quality of the team that I am privileged to lead.”

Shane Watkins, Chief Investment Officer



“The All Weather offsite was extremely insightful and I was able to learn a great deal about my fellow colleagues; who they are; where they come from and the values that they hold in high regard. It was an enormously interactive gathering and it was great to receive input from all parties including, External Directors, Senior Management and new staff members, who all contributed openly in the exercise. In the end I feel like we were all able to bond, and come together, on the outcomes that defined the Purpose and Values of the business. I believe very strongly that this session will take the business into its next chapter and will allow us, both All Weather and its employees, to grow from strength to strength.”- Mark, Operations Manager

“The teambuilding was very insightful and quite challenging as it required of me to think about not just my future in the company but the vision of the company in its entirety. My biggest take from the entire programme was that as much as we may have values, the important thing is believing in those values which will result in us living them.”- Puseletso, Fund Accountant


“I enjoyed learning more about my colleagues and understanding what their aspirations are for All Weather Capital and their careers. I came to realise that I can continue to make a difference to the team and the culture at All Weather even though I am still new to the industry and the company. Spending time from the office as a team can be very positive as it allows the team to develop a meaningful bond beyond routine tasks at the office.” Dumisani, Equity analyst

“I believe the purpose for All Weather is to help the underlying beneficiaries of our clients live better lives. We need to realise that our ultimate responsibility is to the retired pensioner, the hardworking labourer and the man on the street. I believe that every decision that All Weather makes needs to be made with the best interest of our ultimate clients in mind. My hope is, now that we have started to develop a purpose and a strategy , we continuously remember and live this purpose and we engrain our values into the All-Weather DNA. This will ensure the survival of All Weather and ensure that we add value to our clients over the long term.” Sanelisiwe, Equity Analyst



“I Found the session to be very insightful as this encourages me further to grow with the business. We must continuously try and put these concepts into practice so that it becomes a familiarity. One of the most important things that I’ve gotten out of this session is that I need to become more Self-Aware to Self-Lead”- Mmakgotso, Business Development.

“I found our offsite in Maputo to be insightful and a great way to get to know our colleagues outside of the office. I managed to self-introspect and fully understand how I individually contribute to the bigger picture that is All Weather Capital. The offsite has inspired growth as well as a driven purpose to achieving our goals collaboratively.”- Gomolemo, ESG Analyst

“The offsite was indeed a lovely and fun experience for me as newbie at AWC. I have learnt to appreciate and accept that great work in organisations is achieved through solid team efforts. Many thanks to the organising team and I hope they will organise another offsite soon” – Prince Mopai, Equity Analyst



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